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Tree Surgeons in West Sussex

Are you looking for reliable, local tree surgeons in West Sussex? We serve the whole of West Sussex and we pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and reliable approach to tree surgery. All of our West Sussex tree services are carried out only to industry best practice standards. 

We do our very best to help our West Sussex clients with trees of all shapes and sizes, and with our professional equipment, we can handle any level of work.

Our team of highly skilled West Sussex tree surgeons and arborists are fully experienced in all aspects of superior tree care and undertake all types of pruning work. By making the correct pruning and tree cutting decisions, the tree will not only retain its natural beauty, but it will also be healthier, more manageable and will grow productively. 

West Suessex Deadwood Management

Dead wooding a tree is one of the most common pruning practices. This involves the removal of dead, diseased, broken and dangerous branches from within the crown while ensuring the rest of the tree is not damaged.

Without removing deadwood, the tree will create an unsafe environment, a health and safety risk and will also have an unhealthy appearence.

West Sussex Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is a  technique used to drastically reduce the size of a tree that has outgrown its setting, whilst encouraging new and healthy growth.

This process involves the removal of all tree limbs back to the main stem, which then allows the tree to regrow. 

West Sussex Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is done by removing the density of the tree crown. This is caused by over-lapping and small live branches from throughout the crown to a maximum of 25%. The smallest amount of branches should be removed to achieve the look of a natural-looking tree.

This will increase light levels and reduce shading and wind resistance caused by a dense tree.

West Sussex Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is conducted by removing particular branches from the lower area of a tree to increase the height of the crown.

This process is made to remove obstacles and obstructions to provide clearance under the tree without affecting the overall shape and size of the crown.

West Suessex Crown 

Crown deduction is done by reducing the overall size of the crown of the tree by removing the upper limbs and branches from the tips to the correct growth points.

This is determined by the tree species, structural integrity and location. To avoid stress to the tree, the maximum recommended reduction is no more than 25%.

Good crown reduction will leave the tree looking healthier and as natural as possible, whilst allowing more light into your garden. 

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