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Stump Grinding in West Sussex

We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and reliable approach to tree care and stump grinding in West Sussex. We follow industry best practice guidance at all times. 

We do our up-most to help our clients with tree stumps of all shapes and sizes, and with our professional equipment, we can handle any level of work.

What is stump grinding? Once a tree has been removed, the stump of it will still remain embedded in the ground. The tree stump will begin to slowly rot away in a natural way, however, there are many benefits to removing it. Stump grinding will reduce the height (underground) thus reducing the risk of trip hazards, re-utilising space in your garden and allowing for replanting in the same location. 

To do this, we have a wide range of professional tools and machinery to choose from and are confident that we will be able to offer a solution no matter how big the tree stump is. 

Our Working Process


Assessment carried out


No-obligation quote given


Agreed work carried out


Tree replant offered