Tree Removal West Sussex

We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and reliable approach to tree removals across West Sussex. All of our services are carried out to the relevant industry best practice guidance. 

We do our up-most to help our clients with tree removal of all shapes and sizes, and with our professional equipment, we can handle any level of work.

There are many valid reasons for tree removal or to fell a tree. It can be due to disease, hazardous positioning, or it may have simply outgrown its location.


The process depends on the surrounding area and involves removing all limbs and the main stem. Where space allows, this can be done by directional felling where a series of cuts are made at the base of the tree allowing it to fall in a controlled manner, but a sectional fell by dismantling the tree in sections from the top down can also be carried out if the space isn't sufficient to fell a tree intact.

A risk assessment is always carried out prior to commencing any work to reduce the chance of accidental damage. If it's tree management you are after, rather than felling, take a look at our tree services page. If you'd like to replace your tree with one of a more manageable size, or similar to your old one, we also offer a tree planting service using a suitable replacement.

Our Working Process


Assessment carried out


No-obligation quote given


Agreed work carried out


Tree replant offered